All prices are in US dollars
Price per year by domain name extension.
.com $USD  35.00/yr
.net $USD  35.00/yr
.eu $USD  35.00/yr
.org $USD  35.00/yr
.info $USD  35.00/yr
.co $USD  35.00/yr $USD  35.00/yr $USD  35.00/yr $USD  35.00/yr
.biz $USD  35.00/yr
.ca $USD  35.00/yr
.us $USD  35.00/yr
.asia $USD  35.00/yr
.tel $USD  35.00/yr
.mobi $USD  35.00/yr
.de $USD  35.00/yr
.pro $USD  35.00/yr
Price for additional services.
WhoisProtector $ 35.00 /yr
Mobile Website Builder $ 35.00 /yr
Contact Service
$ 35.00 /yr

Full suite of free services with each domain name includes:
  • Free One Page Website
  • URL forwarding
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • DNS customization
  • 24/7 Live Tech Support

Did you know - multiple year and bulk registrations may qualify for additional discounts?
Contact our sales department for bulk rates via email at or call toll free in North America at 1-877-734-3667 or +1 604 639 1680 for International callers.

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