INFO - the First Unrestricted Top-Level Domain Since .COM

Vancouver, BC - August 1, 2006

.INFO is the Internet’s first unrestricted top-level domain since .COM and is being offered by DomainPeople, Inc at the low price of $6.99 USD, the eighth official domain name registrar accredited by ICANN (the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers), announced today that is offering its .INFO top-level domain name during the month of August for as low as $6.99 USD.

.INFO is one of the fastest-growing Top-Level-Domains on the internet because it offers millions of short, easy-to-remember names for registration. In fact, many of the world’s most valuable brands such as Mercedes, Sony and Coca-Cola, have already registered their .INFO domains. Now any Web address can be affiliated with the one domain that defines information - .INFO.

"The Internet is quickly becoming the first place people go to find more information on a company, product or service.” said Chris Kruk, Product Manager, DomainPeople.   "Info” is the understood abbreviation for information nearly all over the world, therefore it makes perfect sense that the .INFO domain is becoming a global standard by which people surf for information on the Web. It is also ideal for companies that were unable to get the .com address of their choice, or have one that is too long and complicated.

.INFO is the first truly global domain as it’s intuitive, easy to use and universally recognized. With this domain, businesses, marketers, individuals and organizations can all easily reach a worldwide audience with information about their business.

 To learn more about how a business can capitalize on this new tool, the .INFO domain name, to help customers find them faster, please visit

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