DomainPeople Starts to Offer .MOBI Registration Services for Mobile Websites

Vancouver, BC - June 12, 2006

DomainPeople, Inc., an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accredited domain name registrar, announced today the successful launch of its new .MOBI domain name registration services available for mobile websites. Websites using the new '.MOBI' domain name extension are expected to improve the browsing experience for mobile device users.

Most websites are set up for PC viewing and are not designed with concern for mobile users. It said that the new domain would enable those using mobile devices to find and browse sites more easily. The use of basic mobile HTML standards and templates on a '.mobi' domain name, to ensure that a predictable experience is provided for users.

It is also anticipated that mobile users will find '.mobi' sites more easily as search engines will be able to locate and catalogue them more efficiently. While general mobile subscriber rates far exceed the use of mobile Internet, it is believed that recent uptake in Japan and South Korea indicates potential to increase mobile Internet use.

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