DomainPeople Selected To Register .CA Domains

Vancouver, BC - October 23, 2000

DomainPeople, Inc., an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accredited domain name registrar, announced today that the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has selected DomainPeople Inc., as a certified registrar of .ca domains within the first group of CIRA approved Registrars

Effective immediately, DomainPeople ( is processing pre-orders of .ca domains to provide Internet users with the earliest opportunity to secure their choice of domains prior to the registry becoming operational on November 1, 2000. Additionally, the Company is also re-registering existing .ca domains to enable current .ca holders to keep their domains.

The Company's certification follows CIRA's announcement this summer of a new registration process to expedite name registrations and reduce the burden of obtaining a .ca domain. Under the previous rules, .ca applicants normally had to incorporate a company in Canada for each registered domain, a process which involved significant legal fees and ongoing corporate filings. 

"The new registration system makes it easy for any individual or company to secure an Internet name," said Joseph Kibur, CEO of DomainPeople, Inc. "We expect these changes will lead to an explosion of new .ca registrations as Canadians up to now have chosen largely to register a .com, .net or .org domain because of the impediments that existed previously." 

The new regulations require existing .ca owners to re-register their domain name with a CIRA-approved registrar before December 1, 2000, in order to maintain their domain name. Domains that are not re-registered by the deadline will be delisted from the registry, and thereby become available to new registrants. 

A premier industry registrar, DomainPeople recently announced it was a founding member of Afilias, an international consortium of nineteen of the world's leading domain registrars including Network Solutions Inc., a VeriSign company (Nasdaq: VRSN) and (Nasdaq: RCOM), that had joined forces to introduce and operate a registry for a new top-level global domain. 

About DomainPeople, Inc.

DomainPeople ( is one of the oldest ICANN-accredited domain name registrars offering all the major domain extensions — .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .pro, .us, .ca, .co – and many others since 1999. DomainPeople also delivers reliable and secure hosting and email solutions to customers and resellers in more than 130 countries, and has registered more than a million domain names worldwide.

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