NEW! Stay Connected, Stay Secure With Hosted Exchange

NEW! Stay Connected, Stay Secure With Hosted Exchange

Does your job stop the moment you walk out your office’s door? If so, you’re one of the lucky ones. If not, you know that staying connected around the clock and around the world is essential for the businessperson on the go. Enabling that level of accessibility without sacrificing security can be a challenge for many businesses. That’s why DomainPeople now offers hosted Microsoft Exchange, designed to enable your employees to access their email remotely in a cost-effective, efficient and, most importantly, safe and compliant manner.

Hosted Exchange is a cloud solution for email, calendar and contacts that not only eliminates the hassle of buying and maintaining servers, but can also help ensure you are meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Here are a few key benefits of partnering with DomainPeople for your email communications:

  • Your entire team gets anytime, anywhere access to their data from any Internet connection or mobile device.  Data is automatically synchronized across multiple devices, saving time and making employees more effective.
  • You can collaborate efficiently on projects through the ability to share calendars, tasks and important contacts. Shared folders can act like a virtual message board, promoting smooth teamwork.
  • Using our hardware, infrastructure, and personnel saves you money on equipment and software you would have to purchase, administer, and maintain in-house.
  • Your IT staff, if you have one, can focus on supporting other business critical applications and user needs.  DomainPeople is on duty 24/7 to keep your communications online.
  • In the event of a lost or stolen mobile device, we can perform a remote device wipe function to protect your valuable information.

“With the explosive growth of employees working from their mobile devices, there are bound to be security and technical challenges,” says Chris Kruk, DomainPeople Product Manager. “Microsoft Exchange addresses these challenges by syncing work email with mobile phones while supporting most of the inherent Exchange security functionality. It’s a more efficient and secure work environment on the go.”

Getting started is quick – your email is up and running within minutes of signing up.

That’s just the beginning of the advantages that Hosted Exchange brings to the table:

Free software: Outlook 2010 included, along with anti-virus and anti-spam.
Stay connected at all times: Access your email from a web browser at home or your mobile device.
ActiveSync: Synchronize your email across all your devices – desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.
Available on-demand: Create as many email addresses as you need, each with vast storage space.
Attachment-ready: Send files up to 1GB by email, with optional password protection and encryption.
Archiving: Retain copies of all company emails, even after employees leave the company.
Hybrid functionality: Support both Exchange and POP accounts in the same domain.

Calendars and Contacts
Address and Distribution Lists: Store company contacts and lists for everyone on your staff.
Shared Contacts: Allow team members to share important customer/partner contact info.
Shared Calendars: See when team members are available for meetings.
Task Management: Create, assign and delegate tasks among your team.

Permissions: Customize who can see what based on job function. Conduct multi-mailbox searches without IT administrator involvement.
Do It Yourself: Let users manage their email lists, track messages, and edit personal information.

Send/Receive: RPC (instead of HTTPS) creates a secure connection to your email server, surpassing the most pressing security requirements
Spam Filtering: Postini spam and virus filtering system comes standard with every mailbox.

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NEW! Stay Connected, Stay Secure With Hosted Exchange
Deal of the Month: Save on Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email Services
Compliant-Ready Exchange Upgrade Reduces Risk of Email Violations, Breaches

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Deal of the Month

Deal of the Month:
Save on Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email Services!

DomainPeople is currently offering two free trials to introduce you to the simplicity and power of Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010, the world's leading corporate email platform.

Free 30-Day Trial of Standard Exchange Package
Take a risk-free look at what Hosted Exchange can do with a 30-day trial. The standard Exchange package exceeds what most other companies provide in their premium package and combines the ease of access of Outlook, calendar and contact sharing for simpler teamwork, and DomainPeople’s SiteControl web based control for maximum performance, all with the flexibility and network speed that’s the trademark of DomainPeople's world class datacenters.

Promo Code: Exchange30day

Free 30-Day Trial of Compliant-Ready Upgrade for Exchange
Already familiar with Exchange? Learn what the advanced security options of DomainPeople’s Compliant-Ready Upgrade can accomplish. The upgrade package includes:

  • Compliant Archiving & Retention: Preserve critical emails while maintaining compliance.
  • Advanced Email Encryption: Encrypt right at the desktop, reducing the risk of information leaks.
  • Active Directory Synchronization: Modify mailboxes, user permissions and other employee data from a single auditable point, reducing compliance concerns.

Promo Code: Exchange30day

When you order, be sure to use promo code “Exchange30day” for your 30-day free trial of our standard Exchange package or for the 30-day free trial of compliant-ready Exchange.

Learn more and sign up for Hosted Exchange

Read about our Compliant-Ready Upgrade option

Deal of the Month

Compliant-Ready Exchange Upgrade Reduces Risk of Email Violations, Breaches

With the cost of the average data breach exceeding $200 per record and $6 million per incident, email security should be on the mind of every business owner. Breaches can ring up charges in several different ways, including costs associated with lost data, lost customers and lost productivity.

But for many businesses, another cost also comes into play – compliance fines, which can be significant for those who don’t properly safeguard their communications. The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services learned this the hard way when it was fined $1.8 million for a violation of HIPAA regulations.

To help customers avoid these unwanted expenses, DomainPeople is now offering a compliance-ready upgrade for Microsoft Hosted Exchange.

These optional add-ons – including archiving and retention, advanced encryption and Active Directory sync – are designed to reduce the risk of email-related data breaches, facilitate audits in the event of litigation, and prevent compliance penalties.

An estimated 20% of outgoing email contains content that poses a legal, financial or regulatory risk. So the upgrades to DomainPeople Hosted Exchange provide critical compliance support for regulations ranging from SOX, GLBA and HIPAA to US SEC Rule 17a and new electronic discovery rules for litigation.

Among these features:

  • Highly customizable compliant email archiving and retention, allowing businesses to safely preserve and quickly find emails when needed.
  • Advanced email encryption at the desktop level, meeting or exceeding various industry standards for encryption and digital signatures.
  • Active Directory synchronization, allowing centralized modification to Exchange mailboxes, user permissions and other employee data between an on-premise AD servers and DomainPeople’s Hosted Exchange Active Directory servers.

Upgrades are available individually or as a package. Sign up today to make sure your email is as safe as it can be.

Learn more about our Compliant-Ready Email Upgrade

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