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Want to grab more attention in searches?

Figure out what grabs your attention. Enter one of your business’ keywords into a Google search. Among the top 10 results, which title are you drawn to? Is it always the first one? Probably not.

Sometimes the most important thing to remember about SEO is that you’re also optimizing for humans. The first link isn’t always the one that gets the click – often, we’re drawn to the link that seems the most reputable and most clearly addresses the topic of our search.

What can you learn by how your favorite titles are phrased and how they incorporate your keyword?

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SEO Tip of the Month
5 Thrifty Tips for Driving Sales with Online Video
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Driving Sales with Online Video

5 Thrifty Tips for Driving Sales with
Online Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture adds to that figure exponentially. As a dynamic and immediate marketing tool, video is the next best thing to greeting potential customers face-to-face. Plus, not only can videos help deliver traffic from search engines like Google, but video thumbnails tend to catch the eye in search results better than linked text.

But if a slick, professionally produced clip isn’t within your budget, that’s ok – today’s affordable web and phone cams make it inexpensive to create do-it-yourself videos that look and sound clean enough to get your message across in a professional way.

Online video powerhouse YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, reaching 4 billion views per day in January. And as a free service, you don’t need budget to upload videos. That means, all you need to start connecting with your audience is a camera, a story and a plan.

Don’t know where to start? Here are five tips for messaging and presentation of your video:

Tip 1 –

Make it unique:  Because the chances are there are already countless videos out there related to your field, it’s important to make your message as unique as possible. Offer hard-to-find information that satisfies a real customer need. Don’t discuss what you want to. Focus on what they want to learn about.

Tip 2 –

Make it friendly:  Keep your tone light and conversational. Try to make a personal connection. Present a real-life situation, and address it with a demo of your product. Entertain if you can.

Tip 3 –

Make it quick:  Bear in mind the attention span of the viewer. Deliver the message as succinctly as possible – 5 minutes or less for best results. For in-depth or supplemental info, link to a blog post. (You have a blog, right? No? No worries – you can easily start one with the free Wordpress blog capability we include in our discounted hosting packages.)

Tip 4 –

Make a deal:  Share a video coupon, a special code for a discount or deal for those who watch the video to its end.

Tip 5 –

Make it viral:  Upload it to YouTube; post it on Twitter and Facebook. Do whatever you can to make it spread. Craft your message with this in mind: Be funny, be poignant, be memorable.

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