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People search Google and other search engines for information the same way they speak – using conversational phrasing and informal terms. Search engines then search the web to find sites containing those terms.

One quick way to add more search-engine friendly content to your site is to post customer reviews. Not only are they written in your customers' own words – and therefore reflect the way people talk about (and search for) your products and services – but they can be updated easily and frequently to keep your web content fresh – another thing that can help make your site rank higher.

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Forecast: What Will New gTLDs Mean for the Internet?
Announcing the Winners of the Tell Us About Your .CA Contest!

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What Will New gTLDs Mean for the Internet?
By Chris Kruk, Product Manager

One thing is for certain, the Internet is constantly evolving, and with ICANN introducing hundreds of new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) later this year, the entire playing field of the Internet will be changing.

Many believe the introduction of gTLDs will bring innovation and expansion to how gTLDs are utilized and will create a more robust Internet experience. As the process for companies to apply for new gTLDs is currently underway, the exact benefits of new gTLDs will not be known until we find out what these new gTLDs will be, which organizations are applying for them, and how they' ll be implemented. There is much speculation however and it can be argued that having new gTLDs will impact the Internet on a greater scale than just about any other innovation of the Internet to date.

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Announcing the Winners of the Tell Us About Your .CA Contest!

After considering hundreds of entries, we are pleased to announce the winners of DomainPeople's Tell Us About Your .CA Contest:.

1st Place Winner

Prize: Apple iPad
Summary: When Canadian families with autistic children go online seeking information, they are overwhelmed with 26 million links. The Intensive Multi-Treatment Intervention Program (IMTI) helps.

Canadian families with autistic children find information, resources and support from an organization they know is close enough to help.

“ helped these special families find the right support when they most needed it.”

2nd Place Winner

Prize: One year of free Cloudhost PowerPack hosting and 10 year .ca registration
Summary: Because the name “the virtual writer” is used by other entities on the web, the .ca extension is important for trademarking purposes. But more importantly, it shows potential clients that they’ve reached a Canadian writer who is familiar with Canadian culture and dialect.

“The .ca is their guarantee that they'll benefit from Canadian know-how, courtesy and integrity.”

3rd Place Winner

Prize: Six months of free Cloudhost PowerPack hosting and 5 year .ca registration
Summary: The .ca extension allowed this job seeker to set up a website featuring their name while also showcasing that they were Canadian.

“Shortly after launching my new website I was able to land a great opportunity and even though I am currently employed, I have signed up for another two years!”

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